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Monday, 10 May 2010

Welcome to South East Asia.

One of my biggest dreams comes true on April 2nd, 2010 as I land in Bangkok. I've dreamt of coming to SE Asia for so long, and my adventure finally starts with a trip through Thailand with two of my closest friends, Steve and Brandon. I arrive a few hours early from Abu Dhabi, a city that holds very little of interest, as it turns out.Having to wait a few hours before Steve and Brandon arrive from Taipei, I decide to wonder around, speak to the tourist office, and walk outside the airport. I am instantly met with an unabashedly powerful blast of hot air which almost floors me. I love the heat, and thrive in such conditions, but nothing can prepare you for this humidity, especially when your last home is Brussels. I come back in, sit down, and put together one of the best playlists I have ever made, powered by the pure bliss of the impending story of a lifetime.
When the boys arrive, it's just incredible to see them both again. We've done this a few times now, with their visit to me in 2005, our intertwined travels in 2007 through Denmark, Belgium, Spain, France... But this is the first time we start together and finish together, a bone fide adventure we'll reminisce over for years to come. We head onto our next flight to Phuket, ready to face theunknown, and the many beers, and the fiberglass rooftops. I'll explain that in a second.
As it turns out, there's a massive lightning storm above Phuket as we arrive, so we can't land. Brandon and I decide this is a great time to fall asleep, so as we twirls above the city, Steve is left to contemplate the possibility of death by lightning at 20,000 feet by himself. The shock of the landing gear hitting the tarmac awakens Brandon and I, and we turn around to see Steve clutching a crumpled can of Singha, whiter the ever, in awe at our slumber. We give him another beer and he's soon right as rain. Pun intended.
We are cordially met by our driver, who is actually waiting for "Mr. Marcy Rousseau". This spelling error makes us laugh to tears, and I’m named Marcy for the majority of the trip.
We arrive at Patong Beach, infamous for it’s debauchery and late night bars. Brandon chooses the wiser path of recharging after a 48 hour traveling stint, but Steve and I decide to head out and hit the town, intent on getting hammered and partying with the local barangs.
The epic disaster that ensues deserves its own chapter, so stay tuned for Steve and the roof, our awed arrival to Phi Phi Don, and diving adventure galore : )

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